Skills matrix

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Basic skills

Basic skills
Medical work up hepatic/renal cases 4
15 minute consults 4
10 minute consults 3
5 minute consults 1
Diagnostic and monitoring techniques 4
Ultrasound scans (abdomen) 4
Ultrasound scans (thorax) 2
Blood smear evaluation 2
Interpretation of coagulation abnormalities 4
Interpretation of serum electrolytes 4
ECG interpretation 2
Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (Doppler or oscillometric) 4
Full neurological examination and localisation of neurological lesions 4

Emergency medicine

Emergency medicine
Urethral catheterisation in an obstructed male cat 4
Thoracocentesis 4
Pericardiocentesis 4
Placement of nasal catheter for oxygen delivery 4
Intraosseous access in a paediatric patient 1
Cutdown for peripheral venous access 4
Jugular catheter placement 1
Thoracostomy tube placement 2
Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation 4

Routine surgery

Routine surgery
Cat castrate 4
Cat spay 4
Dog castrate 4
Bitch spay 4
Rabbit castrate 4
Rabbit spay 4
Ferret spay 3
Ferret castrate 3
Rat castrate 3
Tail docking of puppies 1

Advanced surgery

Advanced surgery
Exploratory laparotomy / Coeliotomy 4
Pyometra 4
Cystotomy 4
Enterectomy 4
Lumpectomy 4
MCT treatment with intramural tigilanol tiglate 4
Oral surgery / dental extractions 4
GDV operation 3
Eye enucleation / exenteration 4
Eyelid tumour removal 4
Cherry eye (modified Morgan pocket) 4
Using Vicryl, Monocryl, PDS 4
Using catgut 3
Caesarean section 4
Exploratory laparotomy for acute abdominal disease 4
Splenectomy 4
With gastric derotation and gastropexy 3
Enterotomy / enterectomy 4
Repair of diaphragmatic hernia 2
Anal gland flush 4
Anal gland removal 1
BOAS surgery 1
Mandibular symphysis fracture repair in cats 4
Placement of oesophagostomy feeding tubes in cats 3

Therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic techniques
Use of crystalloid fluid bolus for treatment of hypovolaemia 4
Use of crystalloid fluids for maintenance and replacement of ongoing losses 4
Administration of transfusion products (whole blood/packed cells/fresh frozen plasma) 3
Analgesia with pure opioid agonists 4
Analgesia with constant rate infusions (CRIs) 3
Management of refractory seizures 4


I feel very comfortable with this technique/procedure and have performed many times 4
I feel comfortable with this technique/procedure and have performed occasionally 3
I have limited direct experience of this technique/procedure but would feel competent to use/perform without further specific training 2
I do not feel comfortable with this technique/procedure and/or would require further support/training before performing alone 1